Aashwast – meaning “assurance”.

These challenging times has changed everyone’s life and we have been forced to adapt quickly to newer ways of operating in day-to-day life. It is evident that life of seniors/elders/ageing ailing people have had doubled effect of it. There are those who stay alone, whose children are overseas or in other towns and facing different issues to manage everyday tasks. Pandemic created more isolation and asking favours from others became tough. This rendered children feeling helpless as they cannot reach out when required.

Aashwast as an idea emerged with a vision to assure and reassure these elders and their children that there is someone to take care and fulfil responsibilities in their absence. With “Spirit of service” at the core and empathy as a key value Aashwast comes with a platter of services. Our mission is to offer freedom, dignity and choice tasks you wish to fulfil.

Aashwast started by dynamic women duo showcases experience and deep understanding of the need of this unique audience and has tailor made packages for home management, external work, technology based support and other such big and small tasks. Whether it is going out for a walk, buying groceries, visiting friends, temples, or doing online purchases, or visit to a doctor we have it all for your ease. Our Saathis who are trained will help you adapt to using newer technologies and digitalization.

As a Aashwast member you get an opportunity to attend online sessions from experts in different fields that could be helpful to you.

Aashwast packages range from 2 hrs. to 10 days. You can choose as per your task list and book in advance. For eg. You wish to visit a mall, go to the bank and get home and arrange all your groceries in the kitchen. You decide to take a 6 hr. ‘ease’ package. Our saathi arrives at the given time, accompanies you to these places, comes home and arranges your groceries and then leaves. Your work gets done, you are not alone and you do not have to go through the pain of arranging stuff after a tired outing. Relax and rest Assured!!

To ensure your safety our Saathis are trained and vaccinated.